Jorge Barboza: The mysterious charm of abstract art

 Jorge Barboza is a painter from the cradle, so he started drawing where it belongs: on the school blackboard.
"I made the drawings on the school board for some important dates," he told ComprArt.

But the drawing became painting when he began studying at the Manuel Belgrano School of Fine Arts. 

"There I did the four years and it was to have a global and general vision of what the arts are," he says. 

Everyone who follows him knows that Jorge dedicated himself many years to sculpture, and then moved on to painting and today he feels comfortable in both formats. "I do both, because they give me immense pleasure," he says.

To define your art and technique, use the word "search." 

"It's like a road that I go along, without needing to find something. It's just a road that allows me to investigate different techniques and new materials," he tells us. 

But the focus of his interest is the novel combination of materials that characterizes his work. "Along with acrylics, graphic inks and oils I use papers, sheets of books, threads, rags, plastic, metal, cardboard," he mentions some elements as he passes. 

"I am passionate about the mixture of elements that are rejected and approaching and that finally they have no choice but to join and achieve an unpredictable and innovative result for me," he defines. 

On their subjects, they are as broad as their materials. "I am interested in everything that surrounds man and his life in relation to his peers". 

If his career was a step from drawing to painting, and from there to sculpture and again to painting, his style was a path from figurative to abstract art, which today characterizes his work. 

"I think it has something mysterious, something that you discover every day. Not in the first look what you do of the work," he explains about his love of abstraction. 

Jorge also told us about the last series they are painting, called "Not everything is black and white". 

"Talk about what happens when you see things at those extremes: white or black. On the one hand it allows us to quickly decide the good from the bad but makes us deprive ourselves of the wonderful complexity of life and its enormous amount of colors and nuances" he explained. 

About his wishes and ambitions for the future, it was very clear. 

"I have the same ambition as many artists. That my work be known and recognized. Exhibit in different parts of the world and not worry about anything other than art".