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Free advice

Do you have doubts about what to buy? Our curator will advise you on works, artists and costs. Our service is personalized and fits the need and desire of each one.

Email us

Certificate of authenticity

All our works are authenticated by the author of the work or by the gallery that sells or acquired it.

Home delivery / Pick up.

We deliver all our works at no cost in Capital and Greater Buenos Aires.

For other national and international destinations we offer safe shipments, with costs that we will quote in each case according to size of the work, type of packaging and place of destination. Send us your inquiry to +54911 6502-0015 (call or whatsapp) or by mail to

We also offer you the “pick up” option for you to remove the artwork in CABA (City of Buenos Aires) at no cost.

Are you traveling to Buenos Aires? We reserve the work you bought until you remove it, at no additional cost.

Financing and payment options

ComprArt offers you direct purchases by bank transfer or cash. And financed through the PAYPAL international payment platform or the MERCADOPAGO regional platform (with debit, credit, RapiPago or Easy Payment cards)

For other options send your inquiry to +54911 6502-0015 (call or whatsapp) or by mail to

Custom made art

Art is a very personal experience. So much so that sometimes it is necessary that first there is desire, need, and then the work. For that ComprArt offers you to work with some of our recommended painters. We listen to your dream. A portrait, a mural, the painting of a landscape, some corner or one of our characters. And we choose together the best artist to do it, advised by our experts. With different budgets at your fingertips, there is a work that you thought, waiting to come true.

Some art options on request

-Portraits / paintings

-Photographic portraits

-Interior and exterior murals

-Children's rooms

-Design on site for real estate projects

-Paints for special occasions: birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Tell us your idea and your need to

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