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Dolores Mendieta was born in Buenos Aires in 1977.

She has a degree in Visual Arts with a major in Painting and Professor of Arts in Visual Arts (U.N.A., National University of Art, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

She is also a National Painting Teacher (National School of Fine Arts P. Pueyrredón, Buenos Aires, Argentina).

Dolores completed his training at the Ernesto de la Cárcova Higher School of Fine Arts (Buenos Aires, Argentina), conducting different postgraduate seminars on artistic techniques.

Her work is part of a constant inquiry about Latin American identity. The style of its first epochs (1998-2005) is characterized by a social realism and a magical realism, strongly portrayed.

Then, with the Cosmogonies and Sikuriadas series, she abandons the realism of their faces to move to a symbolic figuration, with a strong narrative, telluric, mythical and imaginative content.

Inspired strongly by the Amerindian cosmogonic design and the colorful folk art, achieving a unique and particular style that characterizes it. Lately, the artist decides to celebrate a new biographical cycle with a series called Renaissance. This concept contains together with a reflection of life, a change in its aesthetics, showing an eclectic style.

With the axis set in the self-portrait and autobiography, it returns to the realism of the early stages, and intermingles it with its particular symbolic designs. This new stage, currently in full research and production process, emphasizes the figure of women, artists, Latin American, strong and resilient.

For eleven years, Dolores Mendieta lives and works in the small town of San Javier, Traslasierra, Córdoba province, Argentina.

There she exhibits and performs different events, such as painting / live music and intensive art seminars.  In addition, she is a professor at the Superior School of Fine Arts “Luis Tessandori” of Villa Dolores, Córdoba; being in charge of several chairs of drawing and painting.

This young artist has made numerous national and international exhibitions and has been selected and awarded in several competitions from an early age. Many of her works have already been acquired by private collectors from different countries of the world and from Argentina.