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Celina Levy is a contemporary Argentine painter, graduated from the National School of Technical Education "Fernando Fader" (1970)

He carried out various workshops on painting, drawing, sculpture, fabric design for stamps and batik with different teachers.

Concurrence to the Stimulus Association of Fine Arts, in the Living Model Workshop (1994-1997) 


Sample drawing and painting - Argentine Council of Israeli Women

Second Prize for Painting at the Government of Chubut Exhibition, Under Secretary of Culture (1997)

Permanent Solar Exhibition of French, San Telmo (1998-2000).

Painting and Sculpture Exhibition organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture of the Municipality of Avellaneda (Teatro Municipal Roma - 2000)

Painting and Sculpture Exhibition - House of the Province of Buenos Aires (2001)

Exhibition House of the Province of Buenos Aires - International Women's Day (2003)

Monserrat Art & Fashion (2013)

Artesanía Campestre - Exhibition House of the Province of Buenos Aires (2003)

Permanent exhibition - Gallery of the Sun (2000 to 2004)

Permanent exhibition "Paseo la Plaza" (2005)

“Festival of Music, Art and Design of the Historic District” declared of Cultural Interest by the Ministry of Culture - Presidency of the Nation (2005)

Permanent exhibition - Gallery “El solar de French” San Telmo (2006-2010)

Art Gallery Exhibition “M. Giachetti ”- San Telmo (2009)

Participation in "Classical Art" (2009)

Participation in “Expotrastienda” (2010)

“Murals of the City of Buenos Aires” invited by the City Government (Commune 2 - Recoleta- 2013)

Exhibition "Art and Fashion" in the "Italian Circle" (2013 and 2014)

Collective Exhibition organized by the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange (2016)

Permanent exhibition at the “Punto de Arte” Gallery (2011-2016)

Scenography Workshop - Teatro Colón (Concurrencia 2017)

Exhibitor in Buenos Aires Direct Artist (BADA) La Rural de Palermo (2017 and 2018)