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Raúl Soldi was born in Buenos Aire in 1905. 
He was an argentine plastic artist of recognized international experience. 
In 1920 he began drawing and painting. He makes reproductions of Quinquela Martín and Cesáreo Bernaldo de Quirós, published in the magazine Caras y Caretas. In 1923 he traveled to Italy. On his return to Argentina he enrolled in the Academy of Fine Arts and then left.

In 1924 he finally entered the Royal Academy of Brera (Milan), where he interacted with a group of avant-garde artists, exhibits and won awards. 
In 1932 he returned to Buenos Aires. Continue making oils, watercolors, drawings, etc. He also exhibits at the Friends of Art Association. In 1933 he won the First Prize for the Ensemble at the XIX Salon of Watercolorists of Buenos Aires and Silver Medal at the International Expo of San Francisco.

He began his work as a set designer for national films. In 1936 he obtained the Gold Medal at the Rosario Hall, Santa Fe; 1937 awarded him an award at the Paris International Exhibition and the XXIVo Salon of Watercolorists in Buenos Aires. 
In 1939 he participated in the International Expos of New York and San Francisco. In 1942 he won the Third Prize at the National Hall. In 1943 he received more awards: Sao Paulo Biennalate and Salón Nacional de Artistderes Decorators (Gold Medal Argentina).

In 1944 he won the Sívori Prize awarded by the National Hall. 
In 1949 he deserves the Grand Prix of Honor at the National Hall and in 1952 he won the Palanza Prize awarded by the National Academy of Fine Arts. 
In 1953 he began painting the famous frescoes of the Church of Santa Ana, Glew (province of Buenos Aires, Argentina). This task would be completed after 23 summers of work. 
In 1957 he was appointed Academic of Fine Arts and in 1960 he traveled to Europe and exhibited in Paris.

Later, he was named Guest of Honor of the Second Vienal of Painting of Mexico. 
In 1966 he made the decoration of the Dome of the Teatro Colón in Buenos Aires, whose technique is the fabric painted in oil and then to the wall. 
And in 1968 he traveled to Israel to paint a fresco at the Basilica of the Annunciation in Nazareth. 
During 1970 travels and exhibits in Romania. In 1973 his work Santa Ana y la Virgen entered the Sacred Art Gallery of the Vatican.

In 1981 he exhibited at the National Museum of Fine Arts and in 1988 at the Museum of Decorative Art. 
In 1989, the mosaic "Camerata Bariloche" for the Portofino Park Museum, Italy. 
In 1990, the Gallery of Modern Art in Milan incorporates a self-portrait of Soldi into his collection. 
In April 1994, he died in Buenos Aires.