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Leopoldo Pedro Presas was born in Barracas, Buenos Aires, on February 21, 1915, the son of a Uruguayan mother and Galician grandparents. He spent his childhood and part of his adolescence in the modest neighborhood of La Mosca, in the Province of Buenos Aires, surrounded by more than twenty uncles, who taught him the most varied things of life.

At the age of 17 he prepared to enter the National Academy of Fine Arts under the tutelage of the painter and engraver Adolfo Sorzio. But then he left his studies and with his group of friends began taking classes with the teacher Lino Spilimbergo at the Argentine Institute of Graphic Arts. 
1939 is part of the Orion Group, a surreal trend. That year the group exhibits at the Argentine Society of Plastic Artists and the following year it does so at the Friends of Art Association.

In 1940 he left painting and was employed in a textile design workshop. Later he founded his own workshop, where he met Elsa Legaspi Salgado, whom he married 5 years later and has 3 children: María Gabriela, Fernando and Carlos Manuel.

In 1946 he made his first solo exhibition and began sending works to his salons, but in 1955 in the middle of the Liberation Revolution, his workshop was raided. During the regime of Pedro Eugenio Aramburu he undertook indirect censorship, being unable to exhibit some works. 
A few years later, he resumes the animated painting by his friend and artist Santiago Cogorno and begins to make successive individual and collective exhibitions, both nationally and internationally.

He also began to regularly send his works to the salons, obtaining numerous awards including the Grand Prix of Honor at the National Painting Hall in 1959 and the Palanza Prize, awarded by the National Academy of Fine Arts in 1963, among others. 
In 1953, he painted in collaboration with Leopoldo Torres Agéero, a mural of approximately 550 square meters in the Galleries Santa Fe, Buenos Aires City.

In 1965 he founded with Pablo Obelar the "Taller de la Orilla", in which they specialized in lithographic techniques, screen prints and other artistic engraving techniques. 
In 1967 he performs a retrospective exhibition with 108 works at The Gallery of Modern Art and Huntington Hartford Collection in New York. He was President of the Argentine Society of Plastic Artists and Number Member of the National Academy of Fine Arts.

In 1979, in the context of the military dictatorship in Argentina, he traveled to Europe (Paris), where he settled and remained in Paris for almost 8 years, where he continues to paint and exhibit his works. 
In June 1994, he holds a retrospective exhibition with more than 200 works at the Palais de Glace and continues to paint until his last days. 
Died on June 12, 2009, at the age of 94.