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Oscar Bony was born in Posadas, Misiones province, in 1941. 
He finished high school in Buenos Aires, where he first exhibited individually at the Rubbers Gallery in 1964. 
Later he is invited to integrate the Salon View and Estimate in the National Museum of Fine Arts. In the 1965 edition of the same contest he won the Strip of Honor with the work "Organism Alive".

A year later, at the Instituto Di Tella, he presented, "Outside the forms of cinema”, four short films filmed in 16 mm. (black and white, mute). The ensemble (The Walk, The Make Up, Clímax and The Yellow Submarine), focused on some research on time, can be considered as an important background of video art in the country.

Bony has a constant presence with the group of avant-garde artists of the late '60s. Participated in the intervention of the Braque Prize in the Museum of Modern Art (1967), in the Visual Experiences '67 of the Torcuato Di Tella Institute, in the VII Salon View and Estimate – instance in which it obtains the First Prize for an installation of visual spaces-, and in the E xperiences '68 of the Torcuato Di Tella Institute, where he exhibits "The Working Family". “Living sculpture” where a parent man, his wife and son pose with the following sign at his feet: "This family is here because you are paid more than you earn with your work."

After this work he experiences a deep crisis that leads him to reflect on the social role of art and decides to abandon artistic production for 7 years. 
Between 1969 and 1976, he traveled to the U.S. and Europe. 
His return to painting is consolidated with a series of realistic skies and clouds, with which he won the First Prize of Ridder, in 1976.

But when the military dictatorship loomed and a sample closed, he decided to go into exile in Italy, settling in Milan 1977, where he made and exhibited conceptual-focused installations and paintings and received critical acclaim.

In 1988 he returned to Argentina and continued to perform individual and collective exhibitions in the country and abroad, among them: Pared de ladrillo y cemento (Centro Cultural Recoleta, 1993); From memory (Fundación Banco Patricios, 1993); Objects of Love and Violence (1994) which is Bony's first set of "bale" works (frames with chipped glass and lead plates drilled with fist-gun fire), as a technique states: "Smith & Wesson 32 revolver shots over blindex"; The Boundary (XLVI Biennale di Venice, Italy, 1995), Shootings and Suicides (Federico Klemm Foundation, 1996) composed of photographs of landscapes and skies, suburban spaces and self-portraits shot down).

In 1998 he presented at the National Museum of Fine Arts the series "The Triumph of Death" (the title was a quote from William Blake). In these works, behind the perforated crystals, the artist's photographic self-portrait, indifferent to death, rolling down the stairs, leaping or screaming, repeatedly appeared. A self-portrait, with multiple piercings on the face, was titled "Finally, We Die."

In 2002 he was awarded the Konex Prize and on April 24 of that year he died in Buenos Aires.