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Born in Cordoba on 14 December 1880, the son of William Butler, Irishman, and Maria Batto, Italian. 
He was an argentinean painter of the Dominican order considered an important artist in sacred subjects and in the landscape series of the Sierras de Córdoba. 
As a child he showed an extraordinary predilection for painting, for which he possessed remarkable abilities. His name was Juan, but he adopted that of William when he entered, in 1896, in the Order of Preachers of Santo Domingo de Guzmán.

After his ordination he studied painting with Emilio Caraffa and Honorio Mossi. In 1908 he traveled to Europe conducting studies in France, Spain, Italy, Great Britain and Germany. He was a disciple of the teachers of the Lucien Academy and Desiré Lucas. 
returned to Buenos Aires in 1915. He exhibited in Venice in 1919 and in other European cities. 
attended the National Hall since 1915, winning the Painting Prize in 1925.

He founded the Blessed Angelic Academy – of whom he was a great admirer – and the School of Christian Art. He was a member of the National Academy of Fine Arts and a professor at the Colegio Lacordaire. 

he rebuilt stained stained-screen stained stained-drinking windows in the chapel of the Colegio de la Anunziata, in the Church of the Savior of Buenos Aires, the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of Villa María in Córdoba and the Convent of Santo Domingo where he lived.

He was influenced by the Nabis and pointillists. He cultivated religious-themed painting, figure and landscape. 
His work in naive instances (naif art), is represented in the National Museum of Fine Arts and in the museums of Córdoba, Santa Fe, Museo Castagnino de Rosario and Tucumán. 
He died on July 17, 1961 in Buenos Aires.