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Luis María Güemes (the Vaquiano) is a contemporary Argentine painter who studied architecture and art. 

While he advanced his career as a builder and teacher of architecture, his development as a plastic artist grew in parallel. 

He was selected in the Competition Selection and Exhibition of works in the MNBA. (National Museum of Fine Arts) and the Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism with his drawings. 

He also obtained the Bruno Venier Scholarship and Prize, awarded by the artist's wife. 

Among his exhibitions, Güemes (known under the pseudonym of El Vaquiano) exhibited at the Santa Fe Gallery. (2010) 

He also participated in the Exhibition in the year of the Bicentennial May 2010. The Tree Cultural Center.- San Isidro. (2010) 

Participated in the Collective Selective Exhibition in Stimulus Fine Arts (2015) 

He also exhibited at the Luis Perlotti Museum (2013) and at the Traditionalist Exhibition at the San Fernando Historical Museum. (2016) 

That year he won the 1st Prize for Drawing and Painting 2016 at the French Alliance of Martinez. 

In addition, he won the 2nd Prize of the exhibition Opening Paths at the Centurias Art Hotel and the 2nd MEEBA Painting Prize 2018 in the Autumn Salon. 

From 2016 to the present, he participates in the Buenos Aires Direct Artist show (BADA) in La Rural de Palermo.