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Vicky Parrella is a young argentine plastic artist.

She study graphic design and when she was received, began working in international agencies, until she reached the position of creative general director of the digital area.

In 2006 Vicky founded her own agency, Cactus, dedicated to design, branding and digital marketing.

In parallel, she developed her art.

Her style, very particular, shows a childish world in harmony, threatened by elements that break from the natural universo and hide something sinister, barely noticeable behind the apparent calm.

She realizes her works in supports that go from big formats to impressions in notebooks and cards.


Some of her last exhibitions were:    

Wine & Art

Horse & dog (La Rural)

La aldea Pilar

Museo del Mercado de Las Pulgas

Caminito (La Boca)

Open Arts (Norcenter) 

Gypsy Art

Dispensa de Arte

Art Corner