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Carlos Falco was born in Victoria, Buenos Aires province, on November 11, 1962. 

He began painting as a child, in workshops with pencil illustration, but what he most enjoyed was the collage technique. 

Like many of his generation, drawing led him to architecture, and in 1990 he graduated from the prestigious University of Buenos Aires (UBA) as an architect. 

"I have never built a square meter in my life," he revealed in an interview about his career. On the contrary, as soon as he left university he began to dedicate himself to graphic design, and became a successful designer and publicist, with recognized campaigns for public and private organizations. 

In recent years, graphic design once again gave way to art as a tool for expression and enjoyment, but associated with the digital world. 

He designs his works with Adobe Illustrator, a program that allows him to amalgamate elements as a collage, and always include fonts, photos, engraving elements and his own drawings. 

His sources of inspiration range from universal elements, such as the sun or the moon, to icons more linked to Argentina, such as Gauchito Gil or Diego Maradona. 

About each piece, it can be said that they work like a play, in the sense that they build their own code and the artist respects it, regardless of the forms. “My collages have anchors. Each element has a narrative, sometimes easy to discover and sometimes not ” Falco explained. 

Once finished in digital format, his works are printed using the Giclée technique on canvas (stretched) or on German Hahnemühle papers, in different sizes.